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Anticipatory thinker leads the way in software development, lasers, robotics and science. Ted Coombs has long been a proponent of scenario thinking. He created Futuristyx.com as a tool to see the future as industry and as topic experts see it. His early career in both scientific and industrial lasers and robotics prepared him to be on the cutting edge of technology. He began writing software in 1981 and was an early adopter of the Internet in 1991. He helped shape the future of work by co-founding Workers On Call a disruptive freelancing technology.


Ted has authored and co-authored books such as Setting Up an Internet Site for Dummies, The Google PowerTools Bible, C# Programming, VB.NET Programming, 1001 Visual Basic Programmers Tips, ICQ FYI, Home Networking, dBASE for Windows Programming for Dummies, PowerBuilder 4 for Dummies, PowerBuilder Power Toolkit, and the local history book, Banyan Drive: The Stories of Incredible People

Software Developer

Leading edge development for Big Data and cloud applications. Ted is available as a Big Data consultant and developer. Back end systems built using node.js, couchDB and MongoDB in any language. Most experience with PHP and ASP.NET. Additionally, you can have artificially intelligent expert system, neural networks and predictive algorithms built. Simulation and modelling programs also written.


I do my best to improve, personally, spiritually and healthwise. I use tapping to overcome things in my life. I also use Juice Plus products to maintain my health. I also grow a lot of my own vegetables and recommend others do as well using the Tower Garden



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Workers On Call

A disruptive freelancing platform that lets employers hire freelancers in under 30 minutes. Start work now!


Wikihistory.com is the most comprehensive year-by-year World History available. A long term ongoing project.


Futuristyx.com is a look forward in time. It is a collection of news reports, projections by topic leaders and recurring events to show the future is not so scary.

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